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Blog One

Kumashiro idea of commonsense is the knowledge that everyone in a region knows without any effort of thinking. Kumashiro thinks that the idea of commonsense is something that is comfortable for people and that it the commonsense that helps make people’s life’s easier. Commonsense is also seen as a good way for people to stay in routine, the commonsense helps make a person life more into a patterns. Kumashiro also believes that commonsense is the thought of what should be taught, but instead commonsense is what will be taught.

It is very important to pay attention to commonsense because it helps with our decision making and helps us make decisions on quickly about simple things. Commonsense is helpful in all aspects of life, people can use it at work to make decisions on their tasks for the day and in relationships by just making it easier to connect. Paying attention to commonsense can help people because it can help people see who other person is and what they care about by what they know. Seeing commonsense helps people connect to each other because it gives an insight on others.

Blog 2

Going through the school systems have lots of different teachers, some of the teachers are very well organized and have to the correct skills to get the point across while others lack in some of those skills needed. With Tyler’s rationale I was able to connect my own experiences with some of the points that were made. First point was that students have little to know say in what is being taught in the curriculum, I found this true because while going through school I was never asked about how to better the curriculum or asked about what I think we should learn throughout the school year. Second as students we were told what we would be learning and that would be it, the students wouldn’t be able to give suggests to the curriculum. Thirdly the teachers taught students off the curriculum like it was shopping list and they had to get everything checked off before the student was able move onto the next grade or class.

            The limitations of Tyler’s rationale is that access the learning experiences for students is very hard to judge because each student learns in a different way and each student take away different learning  from  the experiences. Tyler’s way of learning also makes it hard for students to learn a whole part of a subject because how the curriculum is being taught students are often taught only parts of what they need to know to succeed. Tyler’s other thing that is made difficult is unanticipated results, the way the curriculum gets set up is that some parts of the learning is overlooked because of trying to meet objectives.

            Some potential benefits that are made possible because of Tyler’s rationale are that Tyler wants to get schools and curriculum more focused on setting objectives and organization of schools to meet them, this is good because it helps the teacher know exactly what they have to teach. Tyler’s rationale also gets the students to look more into social efficiency and that is beneficial because the student become more aware of what they need to know for the future.