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Kumashiro idea of commonsense is the knowledge that everyone in a region knows without any effort of thinking. Kumashiro thinks that the idea of commonsense is something that is comfortable for people and that it the commonsense that helps make people’s life’s easier. Commonsense is also seen as a good way for people to stay in routine, the commonsense helps make a person life more into a patterns. Kumashiro also believes that commonsense is the thought of what should be taught, but instead commonsense is what will be taught.

It is very important to pay attention to commonsense because it helps with our decision making and helps us make decisions on quickly about simple things. Commonsense is helpful in all aspects of life, people can use it at work to make decisions on their tasks for the day and in relationships by just making it easier to connect. Paying attention to commonsense can help people because it can help people see who other person is and what they care about by what they know. Seeing commonsense helps people connect to each other because it gives an insight on others.

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